Cocavé FAQ

Do you have to mix Cocavé?

No. These products are fantastic on their own! We're just adding a new twist to give people a product they've never experienced before, customized by professionals in the industry. We feel "Personalized Care Products" are the future... but realize mixing is not for everyone.

Are your products therapeutic grade?

Better. Our products are professional grade. We use independent labs to test our products so we can accept or refuse them before we accept them into inventory. We trust independent labs far more than we do manufacturers in other countries where standards are sometimes less than stellar. Also, by using independent labs, you avoid the problem of someone tampering with or adjusting results to meet demand.

How much can I make from selling these products?

Lots! If you sell the products straight from your website, (we'll handle the credit card processing, shipping, tracking- Basically all the difficult stuff of an online business) we'll pay you a 20% commission on those sales. Professionals can make more by purchasing the products by the case and selling them in their stores. Those who choose to mix (personalize) the products, put their own labels on them amd sell the products as a customized special product make the most. The sky is really the limit.

Is this a Multi Level Marketing "MLM" company?

NO. In order to keep the pricing on the products affordable for everyone, I chose not to go the MLM route. Since we DON'T have people at each level taking a cut, we can offer higher quality products at lower prices. -- However I do sell oils to MLM companies from my import business and they have to crank the prices to cover all of their downlines.

How much does it cost to sell these products?

The first two months (60 days) are completely FREE. After that time, it's only $9.95 per month for your fully customizable website, hosting, email, online shopping cart with credit card processing, an app with your business name on it and more. No long term contracts. You can cancel at any time.

Do your products contain harmful parabens or sulfates?

No. Parabens are man-made chemicals used as preservatives. They are found in so many products because they are FDA approved and cost pennies to manufacure and use. Although they are capable of fighting off bacteria and fungus, there are more natural and healthy ways of getting the same results. Nearly ALL parabens used as preservatives are harsh, man-made chemicals and ARE NOT naturally occurring. We don't use harmful sulfates either.